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    "Primal and rather sexual" - Adam Walton, BBC Introducing 


New Single 'Hold Up!' Announced

Pigeon Wigs achieve escape velocity with the video for their latest single 'Hold Up!'. So far they've taken us on a "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" inspired night out in Cardiff, dragged us back to revolutionary France to overthrow the monarchy and given us a sneak peak of a "day in the life" of Pigeon Wigs but they've left that all behind for the wonder of the multiverse.

Harry, the lead singer and co-writer of the band says "I wanted the music video to feel like an intergalactic romp through time and space and to achieve this I hired four different animators from across the world to all make one section of the video each. I gave them the most basic instruction 'the car must keep going' and let them loose to interpret the video however they wanted. Their range of styles, cultural influences, and personal taste made each world feel completely separate and their own while still linking together for a music video that I just love to watch."

"Hold up is about the sometimes long and dreary ways of normal life until someone special comes along and makes you want to go away on an adventure, live life as it should be, and fall in love. It’s a sun rising on a world that you thought you knew only to be surprised by all the things you’d never noticed before."


Pigeon Wigs are a 5-piece rock ’n’ roll band newly sprung from Cardiff’s fertile soil. Formed from the writing partnership of Harry Franklin-Williams & Louis Jugessur, their music ranges from the bombastic and unrelenting to the sombre and fragile, indulging whatever genre best suits their aims while maintaining a through line that one can only describe as Pigeon Wigs.

Their riff-laden fuzzy tones and melodic harmonies come crashing together to form a wild beast like no other. Whether aiming their sights at social commentary, dysfunctional relationships or alien abductions they leave you ravenous for their next drop.

They have trekked across these cloudy isles to spread the word of the pigeon and left behind us a wake of sweat, blown eardrums and busted guitar pedals. 

Currently the gang are in the throws of a campaign for their new single 'Hold Up!' and debut EP 'Rock by Numbers'.

So far

After choosing the unusual route to write and record all their music before playing a single gig Pigeon Wigs have garnered interest from industry and audiences alike. In the short time they've been active they have:



Press Shots

Debut EP "Rock by Numbers" to be released with Clwb Music


Having already received glowing praise from Adam Walton at BBC Radio Wales and again from Bethan Elfyn, and a multitude of online press praise including Line of Best Fit, Glasswerk, A&R Factory and Americymru, Hold Up! and the bands debut EP Rock By Numbers is sure to solidify the band as true ones-to-watch as they continue their rampage around the South Wales music scene and beyond.

People are saying:

"Retro-rock juggernaut - Line of Best Fit

"fuzzy riffs, foot-stamping drum clashes, gritty ‘60s-esque vocals, and helter-skelter melodies" - Glasswerk

"Choruses that make you blush, lyrics that you will relate to, with eloquently expressed vocals that shall get you off your sticky seat" - A&R Factory

"The strongest debut of the year" - Listen With Monger

"Without trying to sound like a trad-up-and-coming-indie-rock-reviewer ‘Near The Knuckle’ exudes a kind of raw attitude that could only be reproduced in physiological terms by a grizzly bear that just learnt how to play power chords." - Tom Rees, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

"All of Jaggers love children combined couldn’t write a better banger than this!!" - Panic Shack

Tour History

Supported The Bug Club on their tour

Playing music festivals such as Kendal Calling, Green Man, Shambala, Sŵn, All roads, Devauden & Diverse Vinyl Record Store Day

Headlined venues across Wales, The Southeast and the Midlands